T5 4-Piston Engines 1.9 TDI

Unit-Injector-Rail Sets for 1.9TDI Engines

Unit-Injector-Rail Set for 1.9TDI Engines

  • The proven UI-Rail Set made of aluminum or steel.
  • Can be installed with the original screws, without any modification to the Unit-Injectors or the cylinder head.
  • Ensures that the UIs are pressed in their seats evenly, it is no longer possible to damadge the cylinder head. Damage to the seats is prevented before it occurs.
  • In most of the cases, a replacement of the damaged cylinder head is no longer necessary because the centered UIs seal again, even in the damadged seats.
  • Simple installation according to the enclosed instructions!
  • In the case of the steel variant, the UI mounting brackets are made of steel 1.0036, are therefore significantly harder, and are therefore suitable for several installation / removal processes (connecting bar remains aluminum).

369,00 €

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