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How does it work?


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Illustrated installation instructions available as PDF in the "Downloads" section.


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Steel and Aluminum Versions Available

In addition to the tried and tested aluminum version made out of  6082 alloy, the Unit-Injector-Rails are now also available in steel 1.0036, with which the first prototype has now been able to withstand more than 100,000 km (vehicle T5.1 - 2.5TDI AXD) though having had visible damadge on the sealing surfaces of the injector units and dealing with start / idle problems before the Unit-Injector-Rail was mounted, Engine currently counts 515,000km.). We recommend the highest strengh and quality steel solution!

5-Piston Engines (All Types)

Version: Aluminum 6082

€ 369,00

4-Piston Engine 1.9 tdi

Version: Aluminum 6082

€ 322,00

The Unit-Injection-Rail is a patented method to protect your cylinder-head from Long-Term Damadge on the sealing surfaces of the injectors